The God Who Dances


This fall, September 12-October 31, Dr. Ted Wueste is offering an online study of Ephesians 4:17-32 called “The God Who Dances: Six Movements in the Formation of Our Souls.” In the first three chapters of Ephesians, we find a beautiful description of who we are Christ and we are extended an invitation to “dance” with the Trinity … to do life with God. Early in church history, theologians used the concept of a dance to describe the way that the Trinity (Father, Son, and Spirit) exists in oneness yet are three. This study will build on the idea that we are invited into the Trinitarian dance which forms us through participation.

Often we simply stop to celebrate and then trust the truth that God loves us, but we don’t move into a place where we experience that truth. This study will walk through a passage that offers a practical desciption of how we move from independently directing our lives to living in loving union with God.

Each Monday during these eight weeks, a study will be published on this site that will include a reading, reflection questions, a spiritual exercise, and discussion questions. This will be a great study for both individuals and groups. If you’d like to receive a weekly email with the study, click on the “The God Who Dances” link below.

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Below are short intro videos for each chapter in the study as well as links to each chapter. (released each week through the Fall 2016)

Chapter 1                    INTRODUCTION: Being Formed by the God who Dances

Chapter 2                    From Boredom to INVITATION

Chapter 3                    From Denial to INTROSPECTION

Chapter 4                    From Numbness to INTENTION

Chapter 5                    From Confusion to IDENTITY

Chapter 6                    From Isolation to INTIMACY

Chapter 7                    From Emptiness to IMITATION

Chapter 8                    IMPLICATION: Developing a Plan for Continuing to Dance

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