Daily Lenten devotional – 40 days of reflections leading up to Easter.

As we journey through life, we often find ourselves in a desert kind of place. A place that feels desolate, lonely, harsh, and perhaps unfamiliar. And we might even feel the compulsion to escape and run to more familiar landscape. However, we are invited to resist that temptation for it is in those dry, desolate, lonely places that the Father does some of His best work. It is in those places where our souls become dry and thirsty that we unwilling to settle for clichés and easy answers. The stripping and unmasking of the desert are so good for our souls. If we desire God, the wilderness is where transformation occurs.

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What is Desert Direction?

Desert Direction is the spiritual formation ministry of Dr. Ted Wueste. In the Christian tradition, Desert Direction values the text of the Bible, is centered on the Trinity, and emphasizes a contemplative approach. Spiritual formation is grounded in the ideas that we are always being formed by something and that God is always present in our lives. Therefore, learning to be attentive to His presence enables us to participate in His formation of our lives which is the greatest desires of our hearts.

Desert Direction is a ministry designed to come along side people to help awaken desire, adjust perspectives, and live attentively in deepening intimacy with God as Father, Son, & Spirit.

The desert represents letting go. It is in the desert that we learn to rely on Him alone. It is in the desert that we learn to become content in Him. It is in the desert that we come face to face with ourselves and Him. So, it is into the desert that He leads us so that He might speak to our hearts.


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