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Spiritual Direction (SD) is the practice of prayerfully discerning how God is at work in our lives. Specifically, it involves exploring how He is working to shape and form us into the image of Christ through deepening intimacy with Himself.

teaching for A2J June 20, 2015

SD provides the space to explore and deepen your relationship with God. SD is not counseling or coaching but learning, together, to be attentive to movement of the Spirit in one’s life.Untitled-19

What is a Spiritual Director? A Spiritual Director serves as a listener, a discerning guide who comes alongside another who is seeking to be attentive to God’s activity in their life.

What is addressed in Spiritual Direction? Put simply, whatever is going on in one’s life frames the time of listening and exploration. Understanding that God is always at work and nothing in our lives is an accident, the events and relationships of our lives and how we are interacting with them is often a starting point for a Spiritual Direction session. Questions, doubts, struggles, and desires are all relevant and welcomed. There are no thoughts, feelings, or perceptions about ourselves or God that can’t be brought to the table.


Distinctives of Christian Spiritual Direction. Spirituality is something that is discussed across different faith and belief systems, but understanding spirituality in a Christian context is unique. The discipline of Christian Spiritual Direction seeks to listen, pray, and discern based on an understanding of the Biblical text as God’s revelation of Himself as personal, redemptive, accessible, knowable, and mysterious. Christian Spiritual Direction centers around a Trinitarian (Father, Son, and Spirit) understanding of God with each playing a part in our lives.

How does it work? A Spiritual Direction session usually lasts about an hour and generally occurs on a monthly basis. Before setting up a formal session, a discussion to discern if director and directee are a good match and might work well together is important.

Spiritual Directions begins and ends with quiet, reflective prayer. The listening and sharing of the session itself is also prayerful in its tone. Because of this, a location that can be quiet and private is essential.

What is the cost for Spiritual Direction? The cost of a Spiritual Direction session with Ted Wueste can be discussed at the time of the initial meeting, but someone will never be turned away if there is financial distress. Payment can be made in person or with the PayPal button at the bottom of the page.

Contact Ted to set up an initial discussion.


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Meeting in person is the ideal if you are in Arizona, and Ted is also available to meet for spiritual direction over Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime.


Spiritual Direction Supervision

In addition, Ted is available to meet with Spiritual Directors for Supervision. Contact Ted to learn more.



In addition, Ted is available for Spiritual Formation Coaching for both individuals and groups. SF Coaching centers around helping someone assess where they are on their spiritual journey and how to partner with God in what He is doing. A usual process will involve assessment, discernment, examining longings, and creating a structure of growth in this journey with the Lord. Looking at the the model of Teresa of Avila found in The Interior Castle (and Tom Ashbrook’s Mansions of the Heart) is a framework that can be used for thinking through one’s formation in the Spirit. Crafting a Personal Rule of Life is another resource that may be used.

Coaching usually occurs over 3-4 sessions for individuals.

With groups or churches, the Coaching model would also consist of assessment, discerning, and listening. Depending on the group, this may consist of more or less sessions based on the goals and desired outcomes.

Contact Ted to learn more.


To pay for a Spiritual Direction session securely through PayPal or Venmo, click on one of the buttons below.

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