As a part of the Senior Faculty for this training program, it is a joy to get to share this opportunity with others. Starting in the Boston area 10 years ago, Selah has graduated over 100 people trained in Spiritual Direction. The program’s distinctives are three fold: the training is Trinitarian, Biblical, and Contemplative. In addition, the training is done over the course of 5 residencies with monthly interaction with a supervisor. With cohorts now in Arizona as well as Europe, in addition to New England, there are lots of opportunities to jump in. Click here for more information, dates, cost, etc.

phxsem logoPursue a Master of Divinity in Spiritual Formation or a Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation. In addition, a Certificate Program of Study is also available. 

These are new degree tracks at Phoenix Seminary and will feature classes such as “Foundations of Spiritual Formation” – “The History and Literature of Spiritual Formation” – “Dynamics of the Spiritual Journey” and “The Practice of Spiritual Formation.” Learn more about the MDiv here and the MA here. Learn about all of Phoenix Seminary’s great opportunity for study at

Ted will be teaching:

  • “Foundations of Spiritual Formation” in Fall 2020 (100% online)
  • “Living in God’s Presence” in Spring 2021


Daily emails that encourage contemplative living … 

Brother, Give Us a Word. Receive simple daily emails from The Society of St. John the Evangelist, a monastic community in Boston. Click here and check the box to receive “Brother, Give Us a Word.”

Inward/Outward. This email is a ministry project of the Church of the Saviour and offers a daily quote. Click here for the subscription page.

Daily devotional readings …

The classic My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers can be found here.


Life with God is a biblically-based, interactive spiritual formation curriculum designed to deepen a believer’s relationship with God. It is not your typical Bible study. Through teaching podcasts, heart-probing personal projects and weekly small group meetings, participants are immersed in the opportunity to receive God’s love, grow in their love for God and practice “loving” within the context of a committed community group. Click here for more info.

The Pursuing Spiritual Transformation series of 6 small group studies is a basic series that is reflective of spiritual formation themes and exercises. Great for groups that may not be familiar with spiritual formation (a gentle introduction). Click here.

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