I’m available for leading and teaching retreats geared toward spiritual formation. This includes leading prayer retreats/silent retreats. I’m also available to teach in a variety of contexts. The following are a list of potential topics/Biblical passages taught from and towards a spiritual formation perspective: (for teaching samples – see bottom of page)

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1. Remain: what it means to abide; John 15:1-17 (3 sessions)

2. No Ordinary Life: a study of Galatians 5 and the fruit of the Spirit (3-6 sessions)

3. The Arena: a study of Ephesians 6 and spiritual warfare (3-6 sessions)

4. The God Who Dances: a study of Ephesians 4 and 6 movements of the Spirit (6 sessions)

5. Formation: a study from the Sermon on the Mount (5 sessions)

6. Trinity: the Center of the Universe (3 sessions)

7. Descent into Joy: a study of Philippians (4 sessions)

8. Jonah (4 sessions)

9. Joseph: Sovereignty of God/Wisdom of Man (4 sessions)

10. Freedom from Your Dreams: a study of Ruth (7 sessions)

11. The Masculine Journey (3-6 sessions)

12. Letting Go: a study on abandoning the false self (3 sessions)

*any of these teachings series can be shaped (condensed/expanded) for a variety of contexts. In addition, Ted can design and craft teaching to fit the spiritual formation needs of a variety of contexts.

Stand alone teachings: 1. Understanding the Spiritual Journey     2. Making Sense of Prayer     3. Doubt: the friend of faith

Teaching Samples (click on any of the buttons below to listen to one of Ted’s teachings)



Latest audio …

Enlarge My Heart … Psalm 119:32

From a two part series on money called “The Color of Money”:

Money and Our Created Design

Money and Our Hearts 

From an 8 week series called Pursuit: Pursuing the God who Pursues Us:

The God Who Pursues Us – Psalm 23 

Pursuing a Holy God – Psalm 15 

Pursuing a Compassionate God – Psalm 40 

Pursuing an Omnipresent God – Psalm 46 


A three week series on John 15:1-17 called REMAIN:

“Desires”  John 15:1-5: 

“Dwellings”  John 15:6-8: 

Note: thanks to Larry Crabb for the seeds of the thoughts on “other dwellings”

“Definitions”  John 15:9-17: 


Audio from Ted’s series on Ruth (Ruth 1:19-22):

Audio from Ted’s series on Joseph (Genesis 37, 39):

Audio from Ted’s series, The God Who Dances, Ephesians 4:17-24 (Invitation):

*want more audio? You can order any of full series from which these teachings are taken OR any of the series listed above as MP3s or CDs. Contact Ted for details.

Selections from 2013 Teaching 

Audio from Ted’s teaching “Brokenness” from Mark 14:

Audio of Ted’s teaching, “The Art of Letting Go” about the false self:

Audio from Ted’s teaching “Overcoming Resistance” from Romans 8:1-11:

Three part series on the Trinity: The Center of the Universe:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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