The name, Desert Direction, reflects several things.


First, it is in the desert places that we often find God deeply and experience Him richly. Whether the desert time is a period of aloneness and suffering or perhaps a chosen time to go to a “lonely place” as Jesus often did, the desert is a wide open space that allows for the shedding of all but Christ. As a ministry, Desert Direction exists to speak to people who are in the desert and to lead people to the desert.

Second, the desert represents a rich tradition in the Christian faith. In the 3rd and 4th centuries, followers of Christ known as the Desert Fathers retreated to the deserts of Egypt, Syria, Palestine, and Turkey for spiritual formation and hermitage. Many people went out out to the desert to receive direction from the Fathers.

Third, Desert Direction is a ministry located in the beautiful desert of Arizona.

Finally, my last name is Wueste. The name Wueste is a German word, wüste, which means “desert.”

Having served  as a pastor for over 20 years, I’ve seen the need for unnamed-1followers of Christ to learn to listen to God in the context of contemplative, abiding prayer where God is enjoyed and desire for Him stirred. As I’ve learned and grown deeper in my own intimacy with the Trinity, a passion has developed to help others experience the joy of discerning God’s work and presence in their lives. Believing that God is always at work, I love the ministry of spiritual direction as a means to become aware of and responsive to Him. I desire to create a safe place for people to listen, explore, and respond to the Father.



Certificate in Spiritual Direction, Selah (2014)

Certificate in Spiritual Direction, New Way Ministries (2012)

Doctor of Ministry, Leadership, Phoenix Seminary (2003)

Master of Sacred Theology, Dallas Seminary (1999)

Master of Divinity, Western Seminary (1995)

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Arizona State (1992)



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Ted also serves as the Director of the Spiritual Formation Society of AZ. Check out the video below to learn more and visit the SFSAZ website at: sfsaz.org

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